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Who is able to act as JTAC ?


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I always put Humwees as JTACs on the map. Which works fine.

But what other vehicles or even Helis are able to do the job ?


For example: a huey ???

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Stryker ICV

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Any NATO object should have the FAC task available. So literally any US ground vehicle can act as a JTAC. As far as I know there is no limitation in terms of capability it provides, but the units individual sensors might play a role in what it might be able to detect. There is also the units weapon systems to consider as if it is set to invisible and has a big gun available to it, it might just take out the target itself.


In terms of aircraft anything that can do the AFAC role should be able to JTAC. Again sensors is an important thing to think about. I believe the ability for airborne JTACs to laze targets might be bugged at present. When it does work it is again limited by the aircrafts sensors.


Worth adding that the AFAC role allows for "search and engage" tasks to be added. When used the aircraft will target the enemy with non-lethal weapons like smoke rockets or illumination flares. Though it is a little silly because they treat it just like explosive rockets and you will end up with a TON of smoke marking a given target after a while.

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We usually use a MANPAD for JTAC duties, be it human or AI controlled. Set it to invisible and it won't engage any ground targets and stay where you put it..



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