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How to beat the MiG-29Gs?

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First off: I'm enjoying the campaign a lot, great stuff!


So far I was able to beat every challenge it threw at me with some practice. However I am now kinda stuck with the MiG-missions. I cannot seem to beat them, even after many runs of the practice mission. Not able to turn on or follow them anywhere. Their AI flight model seems way too good compared to the other jets one has to face prior in the campaign.


Or is there a real step up in AI difficulty for this mission? If it was intended are there any particular tips and tricks to beat them?


I already tried to lure them into the hard deck but even that doesn't seem to work as often as with the other jets. Kinda at a loss here :(

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Hi Grommel,


What I did was went full AB before the merge, got a lot of energy, went straight up and wait it to come up. It will for sure. When you fell is the right moment revert diving toward the Mig and Cannon him because he will be low on Energy.


Do not loose sight! Good hunting.


(I am stuck in the ACM campaign with the Migs. THey are nasty with those R-60s)


All the best,



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