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JTAC menu with Voiceattack, any tips?

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Im trying to make a Voiceattack profile that works for JTAC but I have come to the conclusion that since the menu changes so the commands are not the same for the F-keys it will be very hard to acomplish completly.


What Im wondering is if there is any workaround for this, any tips? I have tried to Google for som but I havent found any.


I know there is VAICOM and from what I understand it has a workaround for this so you can say all the commands on the menu. Or is this vrong?


I tried to install VAICOM obviously but I have never been able to get it to work, it never recognizes any commands. Therefore I have put a fair amount of time to make my own profiles for the AJS-37 and F-15 and they work flawlessly, I was looking to add JTAC functionality to the AJS-profile.


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