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Factory & UAV spots are not reasonable for me ?


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Heyo, bought the Argo campaign today and i have to say, gorgeous work !


I am in mission 6 now, and just wondering, on mission 5 my Maj told me to fly over the Alpha factory, and after that over the UAV something.. To be honest, i dont see these spots visually.


Factory ? Every single small ass town on caucasus has like 5 factory buildings with chimeys, i cannot see any difference or anything special about "Factory Alpha". Looked at the map, 3rd person view, nothing.


The UAV thingy on Mission 5, idk if it was a bug or not, but Maj said something like "We have the UAV Station north of us, you see the UAV's ?"


= I didnt see an UAV station, nor do i saw any UAV flying..




I've read every Briefing, had the pdf's on my iPad while flying and couldnt make those things out, maybe should add some Pictures of it in the briefings or atleast introduce the spots somehow, i dont think i missed anything yet informationwise

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They are mostly visual references that could help during your navigation and get familiar with the area. You have to check the briefing pictures and try to spot them. As the guys said you can use your kneedboard also.



"ARGO" DCS UH-1H DLC SP Campaign

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"ARGO 2.0 Project Phoenix" UH-1H DLC Campaign - WIP

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