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F-14 - trapping back aboard with doomsday loadout


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tomcat pilot explains...


Good to know, thanks for sharing! :thumbup:


Look... just look at HOW MANY tabs are open in that browser! :noexpression:

I mean... really?!




I used to know someone who couldn't throw stuff away. Not even browser tabs.


Once I launched Opera on a computer we shared. It took about 3 minutes until the browser even started rendering, when infernal sounds started screaming out of the loudspeakers. Among the many tabs were several YouTube videos that auto-played. It took me another 3 minutes to close all those tabs and return the browser to a usable state...


And no, nothing about this story is exaggerated. :(


Did anyone else see the G-Anal favorites tab? Lol jk


LOL, not the abbreviation I would want my services to be known under. :D

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