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Can't fire SARH missiles online


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It happens to me quite often that I simply cannot fire R3R missiles on the ACG cold war server. Never happens offline.


I have all the switches in the correct position. All systems up, A2A mode, SARH mode, correct pylon selected, Gyro switch up, auto, S, L. It always works offline, and sometimes online. I lock on to the F5E, get closer, get the 2 red lights, squeeze the trigger (yes, I keep it depressed), hear the click and see the button move, but nothing happens. Yesterday I got shot down like this 3 times. Squeezing the darn trigger...:joystick:

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What about your maneuvering when you trying to launch? 2-3g max

"These are not the bugs you are looking for..":pilotfly:




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-AMD FX8370 8 Core Processor 4.2 ghz


-GTX 1050 TI Windforce 4g

-16 GB RAM

-Saitek X 52

-FaceNOIRtrack - 3 point clip Red Led

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