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Give some love to the Shark


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Dear Santa,


while I enjoy my Black Shark as it is I would love to have it in another version too:music_whistling:. Noo, I´m not talking about the secret Ka-52 but about the later version of the Ka-50, the Ka-50N (sometimes referred to as Ka-50Sh) as a night flight capable and modernized version of the Shark.


Better optics and target acquisition at night, modernized cockpit with more glass:D and more sensors.


And I think that it was tested around 1997-200x so I guess it´s not that secretive anymore.


Some details:


"Ka-50N (Nochnoy: Nocturnal): Also reported as Ka-50Sh. Night-capable attack version; essentially a single-seat Ka-52. Programme began 1993; originally based on TpSPO-V and Merkury LLLTV systems, which tested on Ka-50 development aircraft. Ka-50N first reported April 1997 as conversion of prototype 018 with Thomson-CSF Victor FLIR turret above the nose and Arbalet (crossbow) mast-mounted radar, plus second TV screen in cockpit; FLIR integrated with Uralskyi Optiko- Mekhanicheskyi Zavod (UOMZ) Samshit-50 (Laurel-50) electro-optic sighting system, incorporating French IR set. First flight variously reported as 4 March or 5 May 1997; programmed improvements included replacement of PA-4-3 paper moving map with digital equivalent; by August 1997, FLIR turret was repositioned below nose and Arbalet was removed; by mid-1998, had IT-23 CRT display replaced by TV-109, and HUD removed and replaced by Marconi helmet display. Proposed new cockpit shown in September 1998, having two Russkaya Avionika 203 x 152mm LCDs and central CRT for sensor imagery. Indigenous avionics intended for any local production orders; French systems as interim solution and standard for export. Republic of Korea Army evaluated both the Ka-50N and the baseline Ka-50. In 1999, pre-production aircraft 014 was exhibited with a UOMZ GOES sensor turret in place of Shkval."


Filled with hope and sincerely yours,


a passionate rotorhead:pilotfly:




Looking forward to it, Belsimtek!:thumbup:

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