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Is There a Working DCS 1.5 F-18 Mod that Will Let me Fly with RCAF Liveries?

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I tried the Hellaspilot's and VFA-113 Stingers mods, but I've crashed and burned on both attempts. I'm running with the FC3 DLC, if that matters. The first mod would allow me to fast create a an FA-18C mission, but other than the MPD's and HUD display, the rest of the cockpit was missing. I then tired the VFA-113 Stingers mod, but not being on DCS 2.0, I could no longer start DCS. Interesting enough, when I first installed the Stingers mod, I had forgotten to remove Hellaspilot's FA-18C.lua file from ..\Sciprts\Database\planes and DCS would successfully start. The HUD on the F-18A however was incorrectly overlayed above the HUD glass. The exercise did teach me about the Bazar folder, the db_description.lua and db_countries.lua files and how to create my own liveries folder under GameSaves, so I guess it wasn't all a loss - just frustrating.


Anyhow...I'm wondering if there's some F-18 mod out there that will actually work under DCS 1.5 and that will let me use those RCAF Hornets skins?

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