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Flight director computer guide ?


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Hi kontiuka. Thanks for your time.


I'm new C-101 (2 month) and I'm making a guide / tutorial on C-101 in my language. I study and write the guide on my site.


I downloaded here the "C-101 Training uboats": I tried the "C-101-ILS-Training- Uboats "but is a little guide. Usefull but not complete.


So, there isn't a particulary problem about flight director, but we need a general guide ..


I understand approximately how it work (after hoursss:lol:ssss!), but a more in-depth guide in "DCS C-101EB Flight Manual" it would be useful.


These days I will try to understand a little more and if I have problems I will not hesitate to ask for it.


Thank you. :thumbup:

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