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Detection distanced in the detection.lua file


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Hi there


I'd like to experiment with detection distances in the detection.lua file.


How do I interpret this correctly?


["Ground vehicles"] = {2000.0, 5500.0}, --for ground and airborne detectors

["Infantry"] = {250.0, 800.0}, --for ground and airborne detectors


Are these minimum and maximum detection distances? What happens if I increase these?


What I'm after is forcing the AI not to detect his next target from too close, so that it takes enough distance first before attacking the next target.

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I don't know exactly what they represent but if I was to hazard a guess it would be;


["Unit class"] = {x distance from unit, y distance from unit}


x being ground distance

y being height


But again this is just a guess. I don't know for certain.


P.S. You might have more luck if this was posted in the modding section of the forums?

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