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THrustmaster RCS or Elite rudder pedals calibration problem

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Hi, all.


I am having trouble with both of my rudder pedals.


I have both Thrustmaster RCS and Elite pedals and Thrustmaster Cougar stick and throttle. I'm running Windows 10


When I plug the pedals into the Thrustmaster Cougar Stick and then try to calibrate the following happens:


Initially the calibration is zeroed. As soon as I touch the pedals to move them the center indicator goes to 100% right. Moving the right pedal achieves nothing but moving the left pedal moves the indicator towards the center and then past it as the pedal goes through its full motion.


This problem occurs with both pedals.


Can anyone provide an explanation and a fix for this?


I'm thinking of converting the rudder pedals to usb with this: Rockfire RM-203 gameport to usb adapter. Will this work with DCS? Does it recognize multiple controllers?


Thank you.

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Just bumping this up.


Is anyone still using the Cougar? Can anyone point me at the place where I can get some answers to my problem?


I spent over $100 on this sim and would like to try it out with a decent HOTAS.




Can anyone say what devices you are using?




I tried to reset my Joystick. Deleted the firmware with no problem but now the device is not recognized and will not upload the firmware to the stick.


Do I just scrap this $250 doorstop that I have or spend more time on trying to get it working?




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I am having the exact same problem with my mfg crossw pedal.


No problems before, only after the update of win10.


Tried every type of usb port incl hubs

9800X, X299 DARK, RTX2080ti, 32GB, 1TB 970 EVO Plus, 512GB 960 Pro, 1TB 850 EVO.

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