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104th Phoenix online mission & DCS-Bios


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Does anyone know why while on the 104th Phoenix online mission, it does not work with DCS-Bios?

Does not work LED control, 7 segment display and alphanumeric LCD displays.


Server has setting "player export" disabled. Need enabled.

My cockpit A-10C

Строю кокпит A-10C

i7 7700k, 32Gb RAM, SSD NVMe, GTX 1080, Hotas Warthog, HTC Vive.


With love from Russia

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention again, I had dropped the ball on this one. This issue should now finally be fixed in v0.5.3 of DCS-BIOS, which I just released.


When "player export" (or "ownship export" as it is called internally) is turned off, the function LoGetSelfData() became unavailable. DCS-BIOS relies on this to determine the aircraft type.


I contacted ED about this months ago, and they fixed it months ago (by making the aircraft type always available).


I had assumed that would be all it takes to fix this issue. When I tried to set up my own multiplayer server with the tester version of DCS (because the fix had not arrived in the public build yet), the old PC I tried to run it on had a hard disk failure. Then life got in the way and I forgot about the whole thing.


The remaining issue that I would have found if my test server had worked (and that I could now find in five minutes by testing against the 104th server) is that the CommonData exports still tried to access values that were disabled by setting allow_ownship_export to false, such as the current position and heading.


So now everything but the CommonData exports should continue to work in multiplayer regardless of server settings.

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