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Ultra Weathered Ala 23 Spanish AF


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Hi guys, I have always loved heavy weathered fighters, for some reason they look a ton better to me this way :P but most skins arent weathered at all or not "enough" to my liking.


For that reason I decided to make an ULTRA WEATHERED F-5 skin, based on the great work made by mbendi1 original Ala 23 skin that you can find here


Basically, I spended many hours repainting every inch of the base skin to achieve a nice "tanned in a thousand battles" look :D


The skin is also based on many real pictures of F-5's and T-38's to make the weathering more realistic.


Hope others more skilled skinners than me (Im just a PS noob) start making more and more heavy weathered skins in the future.






More screens






For better results, I recommend using my little canopy glass mod here




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Take a look at my MODS here

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Like it. Very nice skin!

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This is whats missing for the majority of the F-18C skins available...Life at sea is ROUGH on aircraft and it shows.


I refueled aircraft during the war that just looked abused but from all accounts, they were great performers.




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Stunning job, I really like the details, very well done. Another great fan of dirty birds here!:D

The only problem is that I don't own the F-5. Let me know if you have other similar repaints of other aircrafts. I'd love to grab them, if possible, of course. Keep the good work.

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Thanks a lot for your kind words buddy, glad you like it!:)


Sadly I don't have any other skin, sorry. Will try to do a weathered hornet when its out.


Muito obrigado pal!;)


So I bought the Tiger yesterday :) Time to download your work amigo.


Obrigado ;)

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