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Logitech G X56 HOTAS 5 months old

Johnny Dioxin

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Turns out this HOTAS is made of a plastic that I have a strong allergic reaction to (same stuff as the Oculus Touch - a rubbery feeling plastic) and so I have to sell it. Really jacked off as it took me months and lots of returning hardware before I found this and thought I was set. So it's a very reluctant sale, but my hands are in an awful state.


I've had it since January and it has been used every day, but also looked after. All working as new and would come in it's original box. Includes the various strength springs for the joystick, and I have removed the nasty original grease from the throttle (which makes it very difficult to operate) and replaced it with lithium grease, so it's far better than the original.


Cost me £220 and I would accept £150 (well I'd like 220, but I somehow don't think that's gonna happen! :music_whistling:) plus postage.


I'd be prepared to exchange it for a hard plastic or metal based HOTAS - let me know what you've got, I'll look at some reviews and let you know (can be worth less - like the Thrustamster TWCS for eg - if I like the look of it, no matter). I would also consider exchanging for a quality throttle.


For now it's back to my 18 year old MS Sidewinder Pro - which is actually pretty good in DCS World!

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Rig: GA Z390D; i5 9600k; 32GB DDR4 3200; RTX 4080; VPC T50 CM2 HOTAS; SN-1 Pedals; VR = Index or Pico 4 over VD Wireless.

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