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ARAK and Bombs precision + Wind data input

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Hi everyone,


I'm currently trying to get confortable with the Viggen's weapons systems. I've set a little mission with an enemy outpost to attack. I use ARAK rockets and low drag bombs (not on the same aircraft). I've set up a little windy condition : 248 for 5m/s of wind at sea level.


I follow the instructions of the manual, but when I laucnh my rockets they constantly hit behind the targets.


The bombs hit the ground before the indicated position of the sight.


There is probably around 100m of difference between the sight and the impact point for both bombs and rockets.


I've tried to put wind data in the CK-37 and about this I have a question :

The briefing indicates 248 for 5m/s. Converting m/s in km/h is not a problem, but what direction the CK-37 want ? 248° like says the briefing and Mission Editor, or do I need to do the same thing than with the A-10C, add or subtrack 180° to the indicated wind direction ?


I use bombs with the dive mode, master mode to ANF.

For the rockets, I've tried the master mode on both ANF and NAV. I unsafe the trigger after putting my sight over the enemy and I've tried to disable the target motion measurement (221, by the way, the manual indicate 211 instead of 221, page 293 ''adress 21, value 1 (...)'' )


By the way, the AKAN gun pods are also very inaccurate, but i feel like I'm missing something..



Thanks, have a nice day until Normandy 1944 :)

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Oh completely forget to precise this. Yes off course, I've set the QFE indicated on the kneeboard for my attack waypoint.


Because I was not sure that it was correct, I've calculated the QFE by myself according to the XxjohnxX tutorial video (+- 5Hpa of difference). It doesn't solve the problem


Also, my altitude source is set to Barometric, didn't try with the Radio source

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