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Static reflection on A-10C

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So I need some help. I'm trying to remove the static reflection on the Canopy of the A-10C. It's very distracting at night, causes some visual problems, and even causes some equilibrium problems when flying. It feels as if you are banking to the right all the time. So I need help trying to get rid of that texture from the canopy. Can anyone please help me accomplish this? Thank you in advanced.


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Just to clarify, you're talking about the canopy glass reflection?


If so then try replacing the cockpit textures .zip (in Mods\aircraft\A-10C\Cockpit\Textures) with the one linked below.


I lowered the alpha channel of the glass reflections .dds file. I haven't had a chance to test it out yet. Let me know if it makes your problem better or worse :thumbup:




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