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Skin and tail#


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I see that you can ask the groundcrew to change your skin and tail number, but it is only visible to you it seems. Is there any way to make it visible for the entire server? Especially the tail number would be helpful to change when flying with squadmates

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Seconded. I would like the ability to disable this if necessary for multiplayer servers.



this is a great feature however I would like the option to lock this in ME.


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The whole point of this is for MP servers, if it works as it should. Why would this be a game changer from what you already have?



Some servers want to dictate what numbers people have on their aircraft?

I dunno.

For a co-op with mates, you could just all agree amongst ourself what to fly with. I could only see it being an issue for open public servers if the server owner didn't want duplicate numbers to ever be used... But I don't think the current system prevents that any way does it?

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Its more that its a customization option that a server might not want. Some aircraft have skins shared across multiple countries and it is nice to be able to say Red Mig-21 look like X while Blue Mig-21 use Y skin. Definitely wish list material. Also I am quite certain the livery changer is still considered work in progress. Do report bugs on it though.

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