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Regarding DCS World 2.1


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Dear all,


Thank you all for your patience following the rather bumpy roll-out of the Early Access ALPHA of DCS World 2.1.


As many of you unfortunately encountered, we suffered some difficulties regarding the Module Updater. This has been traced back to the size of the download and the great number of people trying to access it at the same time (more so than the NTTR launch). We also found some errors in the Module Update code which have since been addressed. We are very aware of this issue and are taking steps to ensure that this never be repeated. We sincerely apologize for any frustration and inconvenience this may have caused.


As an Early Access ALPHA, please be prepared for a lot of bugs and missing features as this is the nature of the beast. The primary function of the Alpha is to gain feedback from a much larger installed base than we currently have at our disposal. This is particularly true for testing the software against the multitude of hardware configurations out there. We welcome all constructive feedback to bring 2.1 swiftly to beta and final release. All of your feedback is being heard and noted, it is helping enormously to prioritize the development tasks and we greatly appreciate your assistance with this effort.


In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out updates that include many new features including more assets pack units, fixes, and adjustments (like lighting) to improve the quality of the product. We look forward to your partnership on this endeavor.


A few notes:


1. Please remove / do not install non-licensed modifications to 2.1. We have seen several cases where such modifications are “breaking” 2.1.


2. Adjust your settings accordingly to your system. Unless you have a bleeding edge system, please do not just set all graphics settings to maximum and expect high performance. Note that several of the Options / Settings have higher values than earlier DCS versions. As such, settings results between versions are not equal.


3. A key aspect of moving to the new deferred lighting and PBR system is also updating all of the objects and cockpits. This process is far from complete and will be an on-going process during the ALPHA and BETA stages.


4. We are aware of the brightness and contrast issues with the new lighting engine and they will be addressed.


5. If you are using VR, please do not run DCS World using Windows Creator, Game mode.


6. If using Deferred Shading, you may wish to set your MSAA and Anisotropic values to zero, and instead enable these only through your graphics cards settings manager.


Best wishes,


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