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Is it possible to get the AIM-54 on the f15

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yes it's possible.


This is an answer from a different thread, but it should still work:

Method I use is this:

Go to \DCS World\Scripts\Database\planes

Open up F-15C.lua

add the aim-54 to the hardpoints you want with this code

{ CLSID = "{7575BA0B-7294-4844-857B-031A144B2595}" },


Then close it.

In your aircraft on the re-arm window you'll be able to choose the Aim-54. And it works how a aim-54 should. Weapon screen on F-15 may show it as unknown but it'll still fire and hit targets at very long distances how the aim-54 should.


Now avoid using this in public servers, not worth the banning and trouble. Instead, you could make the F-14 flyable and then its okay to use aim-54



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