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Campaign: Georgian Oil War


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Coupla questions:


1) In the campaign menu there are several entries. One is the Georgian Campaign. Then there are three others called "chapter 1", "chapter 2" etc. What is the deal? Is it 4 chapters? Or two campaigns - one standalone and one in 3 parts?


2) In the [standalone] Georgian campaign, the first mission has 7m/s wind at "ground" and 30m/s wind at 2000m. First off - 30m/s!? That is around 70mph, now I looked it up, winds at altitude can go VERY fast, can be over 200kts in a jet stream. But 30m/s at 2000m IS exceptional. Whats the deal? Why so fast? Would attack helicopters be deployed in 70mph winds? Or am I expected to stay low where the wind is less.


Now I tried the mission, and probably never went over 200m, but yaw was out of control. When I tried to come to a hover, initiating hover hold at as low a speed as possible, I would drift quickly. Thats the wind, so far, so sensible.


But not for love nor money could I make the chopper stop spinning. I was expecting it to "weather cock" into the wind, but it wouldn't settle.


In zero-wind training conditions, I have never had this problem, so I assume it is the wind and my lack of knowledge of how to properly pilot in these conditions.


But is this mission supposed to be so difficult? Or do I just need to learn how to fly it right?


For reference, I generally fly around with 3 axis stabs on, alt stab off, FD off. I will turn heading or alt hold on and off depending on need.


At one point, I managed to get heading hold to stabilise my headin gin a certain direction, but I was drifting sideways at around 50-60 kmh and any effort to correct this would set up a spin again, I was unable to regain a stabilised heading. At no point did hover-hold appear to be doing anything.


It seems, to my inexperienced hand, that the wind was totally overwhelming the APs ability to counter.



Any insights into this missions? Any tips on flying in [very] high winds? What altitude envelope does the "ground" wind refer to?




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