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DCS 2.1 and Gazelle Ground Effect & EGT


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Okay keen Gazelle wana-be Vpilot but I have always found ground effect lacking with much more than 20% fuel. I normally fly AP off and Trim off depending even sometimes Gyro off. aka all off just to squeeze a bit more power out of the turbine. ;)


Hovering performance was also poor with the standard 45% ish fuel load out in a quick mission no munitions as EGT would sore quickly (to quick??) to be useful until I had to burn a lot off fuel down to around 20% however since 2.1 the Gazelle feels way better.


I'm not complaining at all but what has changed? And why? The Gazelle feels great now. :thumbup:




I should also mention all this with seemingly lower EGT temperatures.

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