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Release weapon?


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Unfortunately the air2air training mission goes silence when the interesting part starts. - Watched youtube tutorials. - but seems miss some prep procedures.


Setup bombers at high altitude (contrails) in my own mission. Starting cold/dark.


Problem - no rocket/missile fires.


Gun fires.

Able to drop the load.


Target acquired (Enter).

Box in HUD turns solid.

Keep the box in HUD center.

Selecting Mag or 530 on left panel.


Flying in to target from approx 40 miles - the scale on right drop all the way down.


Pulling trigger frantically all the way down to staring into exhaust pipe.

Nothing happens (both Magic and 530).


Missed something in prep?

Armament control r/h switches reads "P" and "MIS".



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Simple as that.


Now it launches. No hits. (Except gun)

Back to manual. Imagined the right scale showed max distance, but it goes to smaller scale when at mark. Will check the manual for ideal distance.


Have to figure out Magic tracking too. No break X while flying around target. Does not track, but at least it launches.


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Great stuff CrashO.

Appreciate your effort.


I am used to Sidewinder. This takes different procedure.




Got it - shot down 3 bandit - 1 Magic missed.


Will add centertank. Parked with 20 kg fuel left!

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Excepted for air shows displays, the Mirage 2000C goes nowhere without at least fuselage fuel tank.

Mirage fanatic !

I7-7700K/ MSI GTX 1080Ti Gaming X/ RAM 32 Go/ SSD / TM Hornet stick-Virpil WarBRD + Saitek X-55 Throttle + MFG Crosswind + Rift S

M-2000C X-55 VR profile / M-2000C custom SERVAL symbols assignation

Flickr gallery: https://www.flickr.com/gp/71068385@N02/728Hbi

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