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Calculate takeoff by real manual


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I have read the C101's real manual. Page 225.

There is this image for calculate the permission of takeoff.





Help me with this my example:

1. wind to 10 knots

2. with gusts to 25 knots

3. wind direction to aircraft 75°


How to calculate? :(


A) I consider crosswind and I find intersection point over line 75 °? Result: it is inside yellow area


B) I also consider crosswind: 10 + 25 = 35. Over the line 75°? Result: it is inside red area?

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Why woud you add the gust speed to the normal wind speed? I can not read spanish, but the way I see it, your 10 knots on he 75 line is well within the green, and the gust speed is right on the limit between yellow (precautionary?) and red.

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This is an example in manual:



Viento direction 70° 18 Knots, con rafagas de hasta 28 kts.

Pista: direccion 20 grad.



Con un viento registrado de 18 kts y un angulo de 70-20=50 grad. la componente de viento de cara en pista es de 12 kts. :surrender:


(try to translate with google)

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Ohhh yess ..... ho capito!

Avete bisogno di una spiegazione?

Se sei interessato, preparerò questa sera o max domani.



Opss: sorry. I wrote in Italian.


Ohhh yess..... I Understood !

Do you need an explain ?

If you are interested, I will prepare this evening or max tomorrow.

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