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Missiles Pass Through Target

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Mission: Krasnodar Variable Ground Attack

Module: AJS-37 Viggen

Weapon: RB-15

Targets: Kuznetsov and Albatros


Sortie 1: One missile hit Kuznetsov but did not sink it; other missile hit and sank Albatros.


Sortie 2: Both missiles passed through Kuznetsov, which was firing on them. Missiles were destroyed after passing through ship. See image RB-15-01.jpg attached.


Sortie 3: Both missiles passed through Kuznetsov, which was not firing on them. See image RB-15-02.jpg attached.


All three sorties were same aircraft, i.e. not respawned, but rearmed.


A flyer in another Viggen sank Kuznetsov with two RB-15s after my sortie 3 above. His flight was a second sortie after being rearmed. I only mention this as there was (is?) an issue with weapons not working after a rearm in the Viggen.


DCS log file attached.


I have no idea if this is a DCS issue or a Viggen/RB-15 issue.




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Well I am unsure what happened in this mission I was the Wingman but my RB15's hit the carrier like they where supposed too.. It was the leads after their first sortie, the RB-15's kept flying through the Carrier..



Why they did not for my Lead is wierd as I rearmed too but mine still worked so there is definitely something going on here..

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