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I really want to buy this, have a few questions?


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So I have a few questions about this. I love the model and the design but I am really bad, I understand it takes awhile to learn a aircraft but from what I have been told this is one of the most difficult ones to learn. I love everything about it, but I also heard if a mission isnt pre programmed you cant use certain ordnance and other features. I really wanna buy it. I also use a saitech x55 rhino throttle and stick, so I don't know how well that would work with the aircraft. Can someone please help me decide. I just don't want to purchase it on an impulse and think i'm getting something that is completely different than I thought.



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Well If you like it I say go for it but don't go it alone either find a Squad to join that flys the Viggen and go from there better to learn in a group of like minded individuals then trying to go it alone..



I was not sure If I was going to like the Viggen but it is a great bird if you like Strike..



That stick should be fine you will need to get a profile and I am sure someone here either has one or made one or if you get in a Wing they can get you one..

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I just don't want to purchase it on an impulse and think i'm getting something that is completely different than I thought.

i dont think we can give you an honest assessment without knowing what your actual expectations are.

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In my opinion, the Viggen is much easier to learn than, say, the A-10C or even the Ka-50. Those aircraft feature a lot of data entry and/or pilot skill requirements, whereas the Viggen is relatively easy to fly and only drops one kind of weapon at a time (in most cases). It's straightforward to write down checklists out of the manual, run through the one you need for a given mission before takeoff, and execute the attack without too much drama.


I would recommend using the mission editor to create a mission with a Viggen over the Kobuleti airbase and some targets on the old X airport near Kobuleti proper. Set a waypoint on the center of the X, and you can use that mission to practice weapons delivery. Set the loadout how you want, and you don't have to worry about startup or ingress. You're already aimed at the target, all you have to do is the weapons procedure. That's how I learned.

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I have been told this is one of the most difficult ones to learn.


10 people will tell you 11 different opinions on which module is easier/harder to learn. For me, Viggen is one of the easiest. I have only one joystick (buying more would be "wife-unfriendly") so learning to fly cargo on a sling under Huey with spring-centering x52 was a nightmare where Viggen was easy.


Learning to "fly" Viggen is no harder than other fixed-wing aircraft and her systems are pretty easy and straight-forward. OTOH Viggen needs more skill to deploy weapons properly. Like with Huey and Gazelle - Huey has simple systems but it's harder to use in combat. Gazelle M has much more complex targeting system but its combat use is easier once you learn it or navigation system which is harder to setup than just plot a course on a map but simpler and more precise to use when in combat.

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Every module seems difficult to learn at first.


You load up a quick mission, sit in the cockpit and think "what the hell do all these buttons do???".


The MiG-21 overwhelmed me at first... Just too many switches that look exactly the same. Took me a year owning the module to force myself to learn it.

Turns out it's a really simple aircraft.


Same with the F-5E... When I finally took the time I found that it's an embarrassingly simple aircraft.


For the same reason, I still haven't put a lot of time into the Viggen.


The point is, all aircraft seem daunting at first. But put a couple of hours into learning the systems and it becomes second nature. It's not difficult, it just takes a bit of effort.

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I bought it, Just looking for a profile atm, Does anyone know where one is or where to start looking, cant find one anywhere?


I use a X55 stick and throttle. Use Chuck's guide and the manual from the module. Try and map your X55 as close as the real thing and use in game bindings. Then practise with what you have set up, it's easier to remember than using someone else's mappings.


I also have an old Logitech 3d stick plugged in to a spare USB. I use this stick exactly as the Viggen's radar stick, including the TV update. You can assign the radar scrolling to the joystick axis, just like the real thing!


There's some great You Tube videos demonstrating some of the weapons procedures. I would try and learn one at a time, untill your proficient with it.


My favourite weapon is the stand off cluster dispenser, BK90. Comes in three flavours, anti armour, anti personel and mixed. Fire both together or single launch. With two of these weapons, you can also carry the ECM and dispenser pods on the wing pylons.


If you want to try a mission with these, here is a video.



You can also down load the mission from DCS User Files and try it for yourself.


Johnxxx, Bunyap also have some very detailed videos, however there is no substitute for flying it yourself. But take your time, if it was real training in an O.C.U. it would take months to become a qualified line pilot!


If you like fast and low, the Viggen's your beautiful baby!:D


Best regards


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Have fun!


Unfortunately some people forget to do that in this genre... :joystick::pilotfly:

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.

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I'll add that you do NOT have to have waypoints set in the mission editor to use the weapons.


It's a little more initial work on the ramp or on the way to the target, but you can enter all the data the weapons need after you are in the cockpit. In my opinion that's more fun anyway and gives you something to do while heading to a longer range target.


It flies beautifully and the autopilot is very intuitive when you need to go heads-down and mash buttons.


A youtuber named xxJohnxx has good tutorials for figuring out QFE altimeter settings in-flight without preset waypoint data for when you get that far.


Landing with autothrottle takes a bit of practice if you are used to landing other aircraft, but it's not too hard to learn either. The ejection seat is there so you can survive lessons. ;-)


(Edit): Lesson 1: Don't forget to arm the ejection seat...

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