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VR and in menu Vsync


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Hi all VR users.

I've found a Strange behavior with the VR performances related to Vsync option in DCS menu :

look at the pictures attached - when using VR and in menu Vsync is on (maybe some has it checked if also use a screen) the performances are very poor (fps between 45-48 and never up even if watching only the sky)

- but when using VR and in menu Vsync is off the performances are very good (90 fps with some 45)

The test is same CAS mission in A10A on vagas dam - shoot AA and tank with agm65 / mk83 on Btr and short canyon low flight. Settings identical off course.

Maybe this Strange issue/behavior is already known but it could be usefull for eventually some VR users.

the setting I use in VR are shown first picture and Pixel Density is 1.5 - this is in DCS 2.1 NTTR up to date.

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You shouldnt vsync in VR, the sdk takes care of this, the refresh rate on the HMD is 90, and you want to try to achieve 45+ fps to avoid nausia. Vsync is for your monitor, and checks the sync rate of your monitor and tries to achieve it, Because you are using both the hmd and the monitor vsync is probably getting messed up and kicking back down toward 45 fps because of the HMD. Just leave it off.

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Yes thanks.

It's odd behavior since Rift has is own 90fps vsync that only should be overpassed by Rift's sdk.

I saw posts where VR users complain about high end gpu having low usage while low fps and never above 45/ASW on. I had this observation yesterday so I thought this "checked Vsync" should be the issue for them.

Long time since DCS 2 engine has no issue with low gpu usage and should exploit perfectly any gpu power.

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Toutenglisse thanks, i will try it with vsync off tonight. Just wanted to ask you, have you noticed that mirrors are on by default in VR, no way to turn them off?


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