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Mig 21 Activation Key no longer valid?


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A few months ago I got a message on start-up that my Mig 21 product key was no longer valid. There was a response dialog box to email the developers which I have done several times with no response. I have seen a few posts wondering where the Mig 21 forum went which I am wondering as well. Any suggestion on who I can call to get my Mig 21 back?

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In the first post of link below you'll find a "Mig21 Delete Activation" folder that contains an app. Download this then...

1. de-activate Mig21 module.

2. run application

3. re-activate Mig21 module.



Leatherneck split up into 2 new companies. Heatblur which maintains the Viggen and Magnitude 3 LLC which maintains the Mig21.

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