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Bomb Naval Units (Tasking)


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Good Morning,


I'm trying to task an FW190 loaded with an SC500 bomb to attack a naval unit. If the target is an armed speedboat, several types of tasks achieve the desired effect: attack unit, attack group, engage in zone, even a default CAS task does the trick. However, if I change the target to any other naval asset (i.e. USS Samuel Chase - attack transport) the tasks are ignored. What's so special about an armed speedboat?


I would like to avoid specifying impact coordinates (standard bombing task) because the target will be moving. I have the option to fake all of this, but I'd prefer to have it happen organically.



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Use the anti-ship task for that. The CAS task is kinda weird since it is mainly for attacking ground groups, but it allows for attacking helicopters and small ships.



However for some reason I couldn't get them to attack the Samuel Chase, but they would attack the LST. Best guess is it is considered to high of a threat so it ignores it. That is probably a bug.

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