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How to make AI bomb a target that is under the range of SAMs and/or AAA?


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I'm having an issue trying to make a flight of Su-17s to bomb a target that is within the reach of AAA? Even though they are not being attacked, when they reach the danger zone they do not bomb the target and avoid the area altogether. The only solution I've found so far is to decrease the skill level. Is there any other alternative?


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Look for the ROEs... in advanced tasks...


You can select what kind of evasion do you want. Or even none... They are probably in "abort mission" this happens when the IA aircraft thinks they cant cumply with the mission.... they are not that dumb!!!


For simple AAA put, "forbide abort mission" if there are shilkas, put them to make "vertical" or "horizontal evasion"

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Make sure that you have the correct mission set up (so CAS / ground attack / precision strike).

One option is to select the latter and just designate the point on the ground and set AI task to precision strike. Another is to set CAS but also place a static object next to whatever you want to destroy and set it as a target. Then set up the attacker to release all the bombs at once.


Also make sure that you have Reaction to Threat set to NONE and Allow Jettison set to OFF.


Make sure that you place the waypoint with attack order far enough from the target.


If nothing works, post the mission file so we can have a look.





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