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(Skin Request) F-5 "Eye of the Tiger" livery


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Hi all!


Are somebody interested in making a skin for me (or public)?


When i grew up i saw the Norwegian 336 squadron flying over my home town all the time. Also seen them up close at air show's.

Pretty neat looking livery with custom tiger paint, specially the F-5 with tailnumber 134. (Same livery as my avatar).


Quote: "-“Eye of the Tiger” (EoT). EoT was a test program that was to take part in the development of what became known as the Norwegian Naval Strike Missile (NSM). For this, 3 F-5Bs were converted for testing the missile. 3 F-5As and one F-5B model, including F-5A tail no. 134, were used for training the pilots."


Would be very grateful if somebody would be interested.biggrin.gif




Some info about the F-5 134/ squadron 336




(Norwegian aviation museum)




Better picture:


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Added photo

-I didn't have straight A's, so i ended up piloting behind a screen instead-:joystick:

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