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Any good books?

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Hey All, there are loads of good books written by Huey pilots, just wondering if anyone knows any similar books by mi8 pilots?


Had a quick google but nothing really.





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I have been looking myself. You search in English, nothing. Search in Russian, LOTS! I searched for MI-8 Pilot stories books, in Russian ( Ми-8 Piulot рассказы книги ). Try this, in Google Chrome Translate. Or Yandex.ru translate.




There are still no good translation engines from Russianm to English apparently. A friend of mine told me the other day that his grandfather used to be a translator for MI5, and he would translate from Russian to English... via Mandarin! Chap spoke 26 languages apparently!



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The only book I read so far is Gunship ace, The wars of Neall Ellis.

This guy seemed to use Russian kit through his entire mercenary helicopter life.


As a single pilot he took off and engaged insurgents in a hind, flew some old dog MI-8s and just generally got the job done with minimal fuss right up to Afganistan. not a true first person right up but not bad.

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