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355th Is looking for Huey pilots!


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Looking for some helicopter pilots to fly with me on Sundays. I currently am the sole regular Huey guy for each Sunday's op......I could really use the help!!!


355th is a loose knit unit, we run regular squadron ops on Sundays with scattered joint/opposing ops. More co-ops than the PvP.


Anyone interested would be flying the Huey? No skill necessary, I can get you all trained up!!


Hope to hear some peeps.!!!!



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Hi Sage,

We fly a large op every Sunday at 2000 EST. As Gunfighter has noted, these are typically co-operative missions that feature the Huey in a transport and CSAR role. When interested, our Huey pilots will also often command ground forces via Combined Arms.


We run a dedicated training server with gunship tasking areas as well as cooperative full-squad SAR/transport taskings more or less 24/7, alternating between the Caucasus region map and NTTR when functionality allows.


Periodically, we host inter-squad PVP events and extended 24-hour-a-day co-operative campaigns which involve managing and transporting resources and capturing enemy airfields, in which our rotary pilots play a huge role. While Gunfighter is our only dedicated Huey driver at this time, many of our members fly the UH-1H when the need arises.


We do not have mandatory event attendance policies, and no prior experience is required to apply for the group provided you bring a good attitude and a willingness to learn. That said, we do consider ourselves to be a "serious" group so please be willing to invest some time learning your airframe and 355th SOPs.


Hope to hear from you!



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