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Looking for a Huey group to fly with.


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Hello! I am relatively new to the game but understand the functions of the Huey. I can cold start it by memory, maintain relatively straight and level flight, operate the weapon systems, and land in a relatively decent sized area. Recently gotten a bit better at hovering, as well. :)


Anyhow, I'm looking for a group to get involved with, and after browsing a lot squadrons, I'm having some issues with timezones. My availability is narrow, and unlike many people, I work evening shifts.


That being said, here is my availability:


M-T-W-F (9am EST - 3ishpm EST)


Saturday (8am - 5pm)


Sunday - most of the time i'm free, however depending on grad school work and family, I may be disposed. I can usually cut out two hours or so if needed.


So that's it. I'm 29, hours above are flexible and subject to immediate change because I have a wife and dog and do other things. I know it's a lot to ask, but are there any casual groups out there that run around this time?


Modules: DCS 2 Nevada, Normandy(soon), Huey, Gazelle, La-39 Albatross.


Let me know if you all wanna know anything else.




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Hi there are many groups out there but have a look at at !ST. CAV


The Gazelle and Huey are awesome in Normandy. :thumbup:

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Hi beboe, you can also take a look at Black Shark Den if you're intestest in a totally helo-centric experience.


If you're interested in combined ops with multiple types of airframes, primarily focused on co-op PVE, feel free to stop by our place as well. We run a weekly op every Sunday at 8PM EST and have a training server with helo-centric ops (as well as most other things) available pretty much 24/7, and special events and pickup flights as time allows.


The Huey is primarily flown in a transport and CSAR role in our group with gunship/striker support as required to clear out areas. You can check out the ATO/AAR section on our public forum areas for some ideas of what we get up to.



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