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Slew mode


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On Microsoft Flight Simulator, there is a mode called "slew" : using keys combinations, you can move the aircraft within the scenery without having to fly it.


Does such a mode exist for DCS?


I made a search on Google and on this forum but dit not find anything relevant. But maybe I am using the wrong wording (slew).

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You can accellerate or decellerate time time with LCTL +Z / LALT+Z, or set to Normal with LSHIFT + Z, but you had better have quick reactions or a good autopilot setup. That method also uses fuel of course, and isn't really a substitute for slew, but it will help you cut out the boring bits in a long flight.


Another option, if you have flown the trip before, and saved it, is to fly the track file with time accellerated, set it back to normal time when you get to where you want to go, then take control. Although if you do this, then you might as well just create a quick mission starting at the place you want to be.

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