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AGM-114 Hellfire технические данные

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M-34 Dummy, Bronze Coller Bands. used for practice with ordiance Marines.



Training Missle M-36E1, only for captive flight, does have a seeker. Blue bands



Tactical, Yellow Collor bands



ATM-114Q Air Training missle yellow band around the propulsion and blue band around the warhead


Differnt type of tactical Warheads

AGM-114A/B/C - unitary(main charge) single-charged

AGM-114F/K/K-2 - tandem (precursor charge and main charge) shape-charge warhead capable of defeating any fielded tank

AGM-114M - blast fragmentaion, capable of detsroying softe rtargets, multi room and littoral tagrets(small boats)

AGM-114N/N-5 - thermobaric, MOUT multi-room and littoral targets (small boats)


When does missle arm

when acceleration exceeds 10gs between 150-300m in front of a/c


Max & Avg velcoity of missle

475m/s (Mach 1.4)



Sections of Hellfire

-Seeker or Guidance Section

-Warhead section

-Propulsion Section

-Control Section


Which AGM-114s have seeker section

AGM-114 A/B/C/F


Which AGM-114s have guidance section



How long does propulsion section burn

2-3 secs depending on temp, total impulse 4600 Lbf*sec (for 3 sec)



64" lenght, 100lbs, PreCursor 2.2 LX-14, & 12.6 LX-14.

-HEAT - High explosive anti tank

-Shape Charge


AGM-114 A/B/C

64", 100lbs, 13.7lbs LX-4

A- Hi trajectory, No Ship

B- SAD & ship

C-No Ship



71", 107lbs, .64 LX-14, 13.7 lbs of LX-14. .64 precursor

-Not approved for ships


AGM-114K-2 &AGM-114K-2A

K - 64", 100lbs, 2.2 LX-14, 12.6

K-2 - 64", 100lbs, yes ship 2.2 PBXN-9, 12.4

K-2A - 64", 104.5lbs, no ship, frag sleeve, good vs personnel

Both - 2.2 PBXN-9, 12.4 PBXN, PRF & PIM capability

-Penetration 30" (официальная величина бронепробития после ERA! :thumbup:)



64", 105lbs, 6 lbs of explosive & incendiary material, 5.5 lbs of PBXN-109, .49lbs if zicronium

-Blast fragmentaion warhead

-Has time dleay module that allows penetration before detonation

-Used against buldings, armoured personell carrier (APC), bunkers, & small boats.

-Penetration is kenetic, sensed by fuze, time delay, detonation creates an over pressure & frag effect



64", 106lbs, 4.1 lbs of MAC liner, 4.6lbs PBXN-112

-Thermobaric warhead contains metal augmented warhead (MAC)


-MAC mixture of vitvin coated alluminum powder gives thermobaric properties

- Larger pulse due to aluminum burning

-Primary for MOUT. Good for multi room structures, APCs, bunkers, and small boats.

-Penetration is kentic, sensed by fuze time delay, thermobaric warhead detonates

-Has restricted PRF codes.

N-5 - identical except for LOBL * LOAL-D, flower missle AOA at impact, enhances penetration and target engagments under overhangs, caves.


LOAL, Lo& Hi Range



LOBL & LOAL Dir range



When it it hotter does helffire travel faster or slower



What laser codes are best for hell fire and why

1111 thru 1488, update every 70 ft 1511-1788 only update every 140fr


5 Seeker Modes

Cage - seeker inhibited until gyro spun up or RHE common cage

Scan - Box scan pattern to acquire and lock on to laser

Stare - looks straight ahead

Slave - Seeker response to LOS command In LOAL or RHE in LOBL

Track - Keeps reflected laser energy centered on detector


Temp limits for LOBL

Above 90F, 30 mins A/B/C/f

Above 125F, 30 mins K/M/N

Limit for continuous search. Needs a cool down min for each min in search. 2 min downtime after deselect ion before reselection


Launch sequence modes

Rapid - auto selected and launched under single laser code

Ripl - auto selected and launched alternately under the two active laser codes

Manual - Enter


types of malfunctions


MF-Miss fire

HF- Hangfire

SF - Station Fail


nominal search area for seeker

5 deg below and 15 deg above


Cloud Clearence Rule of Thumb for LOAL

Ceilings above 2000', no factor

800-2000', LOAL-Dir/LOAL-Lo


Hellfire Locations



Hellfire missle leaves launch rail at how many degrees



LOBL climb at 3, 5, 7



Max LOAL Dir range?

7 KM


Max offset for viz > 5km, for LOAL

7.5 deg on either side = 90%Ph

5 Deg


In LOAL-Dir a Delay designation is required to produce the

low-altitude trajectory of this


In LOAL, the AGM-114K/K-2/M/N/N-5 lock-on is inhibited

until approximately mode 1.5 seconds after launch.


What happenes when LOAL-Lo in launched

Launches at +4 deg, climbs at 19 deg for 2 secs, maintains 1.25 deg attitude if not locked on.


Describe Box Scan for Loal-Lo

At 2.25 secs box scan initiated, 40 deg horizontal, 12 deg vertically, 9.75 deg centered below missle body


What happens when seeker is locked on LOAL-LO/HI

Missle autopilot will intiate climb until seeker LOS takes over


Max mast and min stand off for LOAL-Lo

260', 600m


Min effective enegagment range for LOAL-LO at 0deg offset



Min/Max delay and trajectory for LOAL-LO

4/15 secs 800'


What intially happens at launch LOAL-Hi

Launched at +4 deg, climbs at +19 deg for 2 secs, then 16.25 deg fro 2 secs, if no lock on maintains 1.25 deg attitude


Describe Box scan for LOAL-HI

at 4.4 secs, box scan intiates 40 deg horizontally, 12 deg vertcall, 11.75 deg below missle body


Max mask and standoff for LOAL-Hi

1000', 1,500m


Min effective range for LOAL-Hi



Min/Max delay and peak alt for LOAL-Hi

4/15 secs, 1400'


Buddy Lasing Tehcnique

-50-500m of separation

-Shooting A/C roughly same heading as the DTL(designator to target line)

-Shooting A/C should be abeam or slightly fwd of lasing A/C


What retention force does missle have to overide on M299 to be released



The seeker detector is

gimbal-mounted and gyro-stabilized with a mass composed of the following:

• Mirror

• Balance wheel

• Permanent magnet rotor spinning at 4,200 rpm

The detector has a 30° offset gimbal limit.


M299 Code L or K

MIssle present but not coded. L mean the Hellfire B,C,F series, or K series that does not accept PIM code is present. K means Hellfire II series (K,M or N) is present.


M299 Code A-H, or M

Missle present, laser coded and passed BIT (built-in-test - оборудование встроенного контроля), letter represents the laser code identifier. M is for manual laser code


M299 Code BF

Missle has failed BIT


M299 Code MF

Steady - Missle has failed (other than BIT). Flashing - Missle misfire. MF flashes for 6 secs then display continuously. All weapons firing is inhibited for 6 sec.


M299 Code HF

Hangfire - Missle complete launch sequence to leave the launcher rail but failed to launch. HF flashes for 6 secs at 3 to 5 HZ, then displays continuously. All weapons firing is inhibited for 6 secs.


M299 Codes SF, UL, BIT, (blank)

-station failed

-missle unlatched

-Missle is undergoing BIT

-Missle in process of acetping coding


Delay lase, causes a higher or lower trajectory



LOAL-DIR trajectory at max delay



if viz is greater or less than how many km, and max off set

5, 7.5,5


TSS LOS should be within how many degrees of aircraft heading prior to firing laser?



when Conducting RIPL hellfire when does the laser code change

If laser is fired during the first hellfire missle shot, the code will not swap from the primary channel to alternate code until laser trigger is released and reeengaged


114M/N penetration of reinforced concrete



The K/K2 can penetrate how many inches of reinforced concrete



Hellfire TOF

1 - 3

2 - 7

3 - 10

4 - 14

5 - 19

6 - 24

7 - 29

8 - 36


LOBL Min effective engagement range

A,B,C - 800m

F - 1,400m

K,K-2,M,N,N-5 - 500m


min Engagement for all modes

500, 1500, 2000, 3500



For LOBL Skids must be min ___ ft above highest terrain within ___m in front if aircraft

10, 200


what does max range LOBL shot climb too and what attitude is safe for FW

2000, 3000


how many seconds/km does hellfire fall

4 seconds/km


Target acquisition should not be expected in LOBL mode if target is above

290' per km


Min ceiling for hellfire employment



How many seconds between shooting hellfires ripl

.5 second


seeker spins



Airborne Describe Hellfire Designator Exclusion zone

30 deg on either side, 15k\' cross range at 8km, 22k\' alt at 8km down center, 15k\' at edge 8km 40 deg center, 30 deg edge


Min safe, danger close



Types of designator error

boresight, spot jitter, beam divergence, attenuation, back scatter, overspill, underspill, entrapment


what's MR

multiple returns caused by under spill usually. change TSS LOS of position of A/C


underspillplacing laser too low , PO rt ion spills on foreground


back scatter

portion if laser energy scatter back in direction of seeker by obscurant. #1 cause of Hellfires miss


How does Gen 2 do better against back scatter

pulse discrimination logic


beam divergence

6.02" per km



portion if the laser beam scatter by obscurant and not enough energy returns



portion if laser beam misses tgt and hits object beyond. long range, beam divergence



spot falls within enclosed area cause angle to change


constraint circle is how many degrees. Gimbal is how many deg

20, 30


steady on target time prior to impact

6 secs at 2-6 km

7 at 7

8 at 8


Rapid fire allows you

first at up to 3 different tgts, 8 secs apart, in the sam FOV, max 100 m apart


spot jitter

motion of designator


airborne designator must be inside and outside

with 120 deg outside the 30 by 40 deg


LOBL scan pattern

14 x 20 searched area

23 x 20 ( 2 missles)

6 x 12 scan pattern

8 deg ifov

32 x 20 3 missled


break lock can be avoided by?

rotating 3-5 deg towards missle


What range to use CTVC and FLIR



designator and target should never be greater than

60 deg


max airspeed for jettison



in what mode and for how long is lock on h inhibited after launch

LOAL, 1.5 sec


Rocket motor thrust must override of much lbs



What laser codes acheive bettwr missle performance

1111-1488, updates every 70\'


Buddy Lasing Tehcnique (separation, location)

-50-500m of separation

-Shooting A/C roughly same heading as the DTL(designator to target line)

-Shooting A/C should be abeam or slightly fwd of lasing A/C


Min/Max delay and trajectory for LOAL-LO

4/15 secs 800'


Min effective enegagment range for LOAL-LO at 0 deg offset



range of LOAL-Lo



LOBL climb trajectory at 3, 5, 7



What laser codes are best for RW hell fire and why

1111 thru 1488, update every 70 ft 1511-1788 only update every 140fr


Hellfire II missiles share a common rocket motor and SAD. The M120E5 is a single thrust, rod and tube motor design containing approximately 9.1 kilogram of class 1.1 propellant .

How many steel fragments come from P-4A



What 114 has shaped charge?

Steel sleeve?

Tantalum sleeve?













Shaped charge w/precursor, Anti tank

Shaped w/precursor, Steel sleeve-frag

Shaped w/precur, Tantalum sleeve-frag

Delayed fuze


114R you fire 1.3 m above ground

Set HOB 1744


GEN 1 / 2 seeker differences:

-Analog v Digital

-If Gen 1 goes in clouds it will continue to go wherever its going based on predetermined climb rates and go further into the clouds, Gen 2 will bias back to last point of laser energy by moving the missile body in the direction the seeker was last acquiring laser energy and resume tracking once it comes out of the cloud and reacquires the target.


Searched area for lobl/loal, 1-3 missiles on rail

LOBL (75% (15°) of scan below horizon; 25% 5° above) (IFOV = 8x8°; scan pattern = 6x12° yielding 14x20° total; each added missile has 14x20° with a 5° horizontal overlap between missiles)

1: 14 horizontal x 20 vertical

2: 23 horizontal x 20 vertical

3: 32 horizontal x 20 vertical



40x12 (IFOV = 8x8°; scan pattern = 32x4 yielding 40x10° total)


DIR - 4.25°

LO - 9.75° (2.25 sec delay post launch until scan commences prevents nose lock)

HI - 11.75° (4.4 sec delay post launch until scan commences prevents nose lock)


Laser Errors

Boresight Error - mechanical error

Spot jitter - inherent in system and a/c

Beam divergence - 160 microradians = 6" per km = 48" @ 8km

Attenuation - laser being scattered by obscurants, dust, moisture

Backscatter - laser energy being returned to seeker by particles/competing sources (#1 cause for miss)

Overspill - energy on target but spills over target

Underspill - energy on target but spills before as well

Entrapment - no laser return. (spot inside room/cave, etc)

Specular reflection - laser energy is being reflected onto something creating a spot that is not the target

Podium effect - portions of the laser energy are blocked from the seeker view


5 laser seeker modes

Cage: inhibited from slaving or tracking

Stare: seeker along axis of missile body

Scan: pre-determined box scan

Track: maintain detected laser energy on detector pre-amplifier

Slave: commanded by RHE or missile autopilot


AGM-114 K2B

Warhead: Frag Sleeve

Explosive: 2.2 lbs PBXN-9 precursor

12.4 lbs PBXN-9 main

Uses 10.9 lbs tantalum sleeve. Increased armor penetration cap (higher density/melting point)


AGM-114 K2A

Warhead: Frag Sleeve

Explosive: 2.2 lbs PBXN-9 precursor

12.4 lbs PBXN-9 main

4.5 lb, 1/8 in thick Steel Frag Sleeve for softer skin vehicles. 15m lethal radius; breaks into frag on contact. Not ship Authorized. 48% Decrease in penetration.


AGM-114 K

Warhead: Tandem HEAT

Explosive: 2.2 lbs LX-14 precursor

12.6 lbs LX-14 main

1st HF2. Digital vice Analog circuitry, Reduced Backscatter problems. Has PRF+PIM. Pulse Discrimination logic for anti-spoofing. ESAF designed to defeat ERA Can penetrate 40"rolled homogenous steel (xxxx mm secret #).


AGM-114 K2

Warhead: Tandem HEAT

Explosive: 2.2 lbs PBXN-9 precursor

12.4 lbs PBXN-9 main

Same as K but with PBXN-9 explosive



Inertial guided and radar aided anti-tank missile



Inertial guided and radar aided anti-tank missile with electronic counter-countermeasure capability against RF missile jammers.



C-UAS / C-Littoral

Frag Sleeve

Proximity Fuze




5-10. The MQ-1C aircraft can carry the AGM-114 P+ and AGM-114R/R2 series of missiles. In the attack configuration four missiles are carried, and in the reconnaissance/attack configuration two missiles are carried. Both missiles incorporate an expanded engagement envelope from 180 to 360 degrees depending on the AVs altitude and software series. The P+ is currently being phased out as the R model is fielded. The R series of Hellfire missiles is the bridge to the Hellfire replacement which is the joint air to ground missile (JAGM). The R series comes in two versions, the AGM-114R and the AGM-114R2.


The AGM-114 R incorporates an integrated blast fragmentation sleeve (IBFS) warhead which is unique to the Hellfire family of missiles. This one warhead provides the commander with three capabilities. A high explosive anti-tank (HEAT) capability with a pre-cursor charge for attacking reactive armor equipped tanks and other hard targets, a blast fragmentation capability for light vehicles and personnel and a settable delay to allow the warhead to penetrate through a wall or ceiling and into a structure maximizing the overpressure feature of the warhead before detonation occurs.


The AGM-114R2 additionally incorporates a height of burst (HOB) capability which detonates the warhead approximately 3 feet prior to the missile impacting the target. This HOB capability provides an increased probability of kill (Pk) by eliminating the attenuation of the fragments by the ground. Danger close for both series of missiles is 120 meters.




FM 3-04 Army Aviation




What level of thrust is required in order for the missile to separate from the launcher and what must be overcome in the AGM 114 series?

2670N to overcome the hold back latch


When would a missile enter decorrelation in the AGM 114 series?

When losing track of the target in the terminal phase


How long should you allow the hellfire missile seeker gimbals to spin down prior to powering the missile seeker again?

30 seconds


Describe decorrelation in the AGM 114 series

Used when target correlation is lost

Missile flies on last line of sight of target

Changes to terminal phase on target reacquisition


Describe the thermal battery in the AGM 114 series

Fused salt type lithium alloy battery

Stainless steel container

EED initiated

Provides 28V dc at 9 - 25.4 amps for 55 seconds


What determines the choice of mode of operation for the AGM 114L?

Moving or stationary target



What are the ranges of the longbow choice of mode operations?



longbow LOAL только против неподвижных book.gif




What power is used to move the AGM-114 control fins and how long can it last?

Pneumatic pressure (Gas Gain Generator) from the accumulator; up to 70 secs (55 secs when cold, i.e. -40 Deg)


What is the typical AGM-114 impact angle you can expect when utilising LOAL-H (High)?

84 Deg


What is the typical AGM-114 impact angle you can expect when utilising LOAL-L (Low)?

12 Deg


How long does the AGM-114 Thermal Battery last?

155 secs


What is the time delay that is hardwired into the AGM-114N-4?

9.8 ms


How far away from other objects must the AGM-114R-2 (HoB) maintain?

3m (+/- 1m)


What will happen if the AGM-114 does not acquire the laser during its ToF?

It will navigate to the estimated tgt position


Ideally you should assure an AGM-114 Sonic Boom time of less than how many secs? How do you minimise a sonic boom?

2 secs. Less manoeuvre of the missile.




AGM-114R Flight Profiles



LOBL and LOAL Comparison



Romeo LOBL Offset Angle and Minimum Range to Target

500 meters @ 0 degrees

700 meters @ 20 degrees


Romeo LOAL-DIR Offset Angle and Minimum Range to Target

1500 meters @ 0 degrees

2000 meters @ 30 degrees


Romeo LOAL-FLAT Offset Angle and Minimum Range to Target

1500 meters @ 0 degrees

2000 meters @ 30 degrees


Romeo LOAL-LOFT Offset Angle and Minimum Range to Target

3500 meters @ 0 degrees

3500 meters @ 30 degrees




The minimum cloud ceiling to fire a “K” model missile in any mode (i.e. LOBL / LOAL) is?

300 feet at 3 Km

500 feet and 5Km

600 feet at 7 Km.


What is the definition of Ripple fire?

Multiple missiles launched with two, or more, unique laser channel codes


What symbol is displayed on the RF missile icon to indicate that the missile is ready to receive the target?



When the RF missile-training mode is enabled, what symbol will be displayed on all tactical RF missile icons?


What does the TME emulate and replicate?

The TME emulates the missile control decision making process, replicates the missile launch mode selection processing, target acquisition and tracking function, BIT routines and thermal management characteristics.


How long is the allowable training mode, missile elapsed ON time?

30 minutes


What symbol will appear on the RF missile icon if the maximum allowable elapsed ON time is exceeded?



What is “transfer alignment”?

The transfer of the aircraft inertial data to the missile inertial platform

What are the three acquisition sources that may provide targeting information for an RF missile target handover?


When will a centered “T” be displayed in the missile constraints box?

When the training mode is enabled and weapons system actioned


Why would the RF missile LOBL INHIBIT option be used?

To allow for LOAL shots only, Inhibits MSL from radiating on rail, which reduces MSL signature.

smile.gif похвальная забота о мелочах, о_0


Which page has the command to “arm” the hellfire launchers without pressing the master “arm/safe” button?



Can the BACKSCATTER inhibit be overridden by the trigger’s second detent?



At what time and for how long is the message “LASE NN TRGT” displayed in the High Action Display during LOAL SAL missile launches?

Message is displayed for 4 seconds starting at TOF-12 calculated missile TOF

What does the message “TARGET DATA?” mean in the HAD?

No Target data is available i.e. MSL WAS’D, RF MSL selected and, TADS is selected LOS


When ever the type is selectedRF the_"TGT DATA"_message will always be present unless a_RFHO_has been received or a_TADS RF handover_has been accomplished.


The missile counter-counter measures (MSL CCM) button enables the counter-counter measure routine within the laser missile. This selection:

This selection narrows tracking capability of the missile. This option should only be used when know electro-optical countermeasures are being used. The MSL CCM button enables the counter-countermeasure routine within the laser missile.



To prevent IAT break lock due to missile launch, the crew should offset the aircraft centerline_3-5 degrees_ to the side the SAL missile will be launched from.

Backscatter is generally caused by_____.

A portion of the laser energy reflected off atmospheric particles in the laser path back toward the designator while the remainder of the laser energy penetrates towards the target.


A RF missile uses a curved trajectory to induce relative motion between a stationary target and its background by flying an off-axis path to the target. This is called_Doppler Beam Sharpening_.


Doppler Beam Sharpening (DBS) uses a curved trajectory to induce a relative motion for stationary targets (STI) to enhance the probability of detection and tracking between what ranges?

2500 to 8000 meters


What is the minimum launch altitude for a RF missile ?

15 meters


The AUTO button will enable automatic missile power management, this prevents?

missile overheating.


At a 20 degree offset launch angle an RF missile azimuth flight profile will use a maximum cross range of_990m_meters at 8 km.


What is the minimum engagement ranges for a LOAL DIR SAL “K” missile at zero degree offset?_1500m_. At 7.5 degree offset?_1700m_.


What is the minimum effective range of a “K” LOBL engagement with a 0 degree offset angle from the aircraft datum line?_500m_. With a 20 degree offset?_700m_.


The LOBL missile constraint box is?

+/- 20degrees.


The LOAL missile constraint box is?

+/- 7.5degrees.

(-10, pg 4-16.1


If the RF missile is tracking and the target range is greater than or equal to_1km_, the allowable constraints angle is__20 degrees_

If the RF missile is tracking and the target range is less than_1km_, the allowable constraints angle is_5 degrees_


A flashing “R” in the Missile status and Inventory field indicates what?

Priority MSL for LOAL engagement

What is the minimum effective range of a “K” LOAL-LO engagement with a 0 degree offset angle from the aircraft datum line2000m. With a 7.5 Degree offset?_2500m_

What is the minimum effective range of a “C” LOAL-HI engagement with a 0 degree offset angle from the aircraft datum line?_3500m_. With a 7.5 Degree offset?_4500m_.


After the RFI emitter has ceased radiating for 30 sec the symbols will change to?

Partial Intensity


What does the DEICE Button on the SAL missile page for?

It is used to manually deice SAL missile seekers in preparation for missile launch.

smile.gif прикольно


The RF missiles can overheat (OT) if it is radiating (tracking) a target for more than ______ minutes.

3 minutes


What is the RF missile radiation hazard area to be avoided?

1 meter - 45 degrees




To achieve the best missile performance, keep the data latencies to a minimum. Sometimes, this requires a new FCR scan or TADS new laze for handover. Some guidelines for use are—

(TC 3-04.45 PG D-16)

1.Moving targets tracking on the rail can tolerate trigger pull latency.

For RF inhibit FCR moving target, trigger pull latency no more than 15 seconds.

For FCR stationary targets, trigger pull latency no more than 15 seconds.

For RF handover engagements, trigger pull latency no more than 15 seconds.

For TADS stationary target, trigger pull latency no more than 5 seconds.


To decrease the effect of target velocities building up over time, the crew should attempt to fire the LOAL TADS to RF missile hand over no longer than ___ TO ___ seconds after the TARGET DATA message disappears.

5 to 7


Target velocities are set to _____ during TADS to RF handover, if target velocities are under a specific threshold. V13 Differences Training WPN Slide 7



______________ is transfer of aircraft inertial data to the missile inertial platform, which occurs automatically, whether in flight or not, at missile power up with no pilot action required.

Transfer alignment


_____ is displayed on the RF missile icon to indicate that transfer alignment has occurred, and that the missile is ready to receive a target



____________________ is when a missile uses a curved trajectory to induce relative motion between a stationary target and its background by flying an off-axis path to the target.

Doppler beam sharpening


The AUTO button will enable automatic missile power management. In the AUTO mode RF missiles will be powered up at ______ _______ ______. This does NOT occur when missiles are actioned.

10 minute intervals


A RF missile can receive a target handover from one of the following sources: _____ ____ _____.



The target acquisition and tracking modes are terms used to explain the different ways that the missile seeker improves its chances of locating and hitting LOBL and LOAL targets.

a. The missile has three target acquisition modes: _________________________________

b. The missile has two tracking modes: ____

Pre-terminal track acquisition, Terminal track acquisition, and Moving target acquisition.

Pre-terminal track and Terminal track.


When a stationary target is handed over to the RF missile between 0.5 KM and 1.0 KM, the missile will radiate and attempt to LOBL. At this range the missile must achieve LOBL. IF the target is not detected or track is subsequently lost, the message ___ _________ will be displayed and firing will be inhibited.



When an RF missile uses DBS, and the target is on the left side of the missile centerline, the missile will DBS to the _______side of the target.



How long is the allowable training mode missile elapsed ON time?

30 minutes


What does the message "TARGET DATA?" mean in the HAD?

Indicates no target data is available (i.e. MSL WAS'D, RF MSL selected and TADS is the selected LOS)


The missile counter-counter measures (MSL CCM) button enables the counter-counter measure routine within the laser missile. This selection _______ the pulse repetition frequency (PRF number of pulses per second) tracking capability of the missile to the precise PRF of the selected laser code.



If the RF missile is tracking and the target range is less than _____, the allowable constraints angle is _______.




Where is the hazard area for a radiating RF missile located?

1 meter and a 45 degree cone off the missile nose


In what three modes does the RF missile operate?

Standby, Prelaunch, Post Launch


The _______ _______ switch is used to rapidly orient the FCR antenna to the highest priority RFI emitter.

CUED Search


A cued search may be performed on a Fine Detect or Course Detect as long as the target is within _______degrees of the ______ ________.

+ / - 90

Aircraft Centerline


Up to _____ RFI emitters can be displayed.



After RFI emitters have ceased radiating for _________, the symbols will change to _____ _____. After 90 seconds of no transmission receipt, the symbols will ________.

30 seconds

partial intensity



An offset of ____ to ____ degrees, to the firing side, should be used when possible to preclude the missile from flying through the TADS FOV.

3 to 5 degrees


SAL Hellfire Missile Performance Detractors:

Backscatter, Boresight Error, Spot Jitter, Beam Divergence, Attenuation, Overspill, Underspill, Entrapment, and Podium effect


Under sever backscatter conditions it may not be possible to perform LOBL. In these cases, the preferred backscatter avoidance technique is to utilize a_____ _________to provide missile guidance. "Buddy laze."

remote designator


To eliminate a backscatter lock on, stop lasing the target. Switch to LOAL-Direct, and use a minimum of______ _________of delay from missile separation (about three seconds after trigger pull.

two seconds


The missile seeker has a _________ seeker limit from the missile centerline.

+/- 30 degree


What is the definition of Ripple fire?

Multiple missiles launched with two, or more, unique laser channel codes.

1.5 seconds between missiles


Rapid Fire RF missile

8 seconds between launch

100M between targets


During a remote designation, the designator should neither be within _________of the gun target line nor more than ________from the target centerline.

30 degrees

60 degrees


When employing a K2A against personnel in the open, aiming at the ground just short of the target may achieve the maximum shrapnel dispersion

When employing a K2A against personnel in the open, aiming at the ground just short of the target may achieve the maximum shrapnel dispersion.


The R missile is designed for what type of targets?

All, it has Blast, FRAG, and HOB selectiongs


1755- Anti Armor


Degree of impact for DIR, FLAT and LOFT trajectories for R missile?

0 deg (500m), 6 deg(1500m), 35 deg (3500m)


Min engagement range for R missile LOBL, FLAT , LOFT ?

500m, 1500m, 3500m


HOB sensor will cause detenation___above TGT







  • The AGM-114L5 missile is an AGM-114L missile with a software modification and is intended to give the missile an electronic counter-countermeasures (ECCM) capability against RF missile jammers.
  • If the AGM-114L5 missile is unsuccessful with anti-jamming, the missile may decide to switch modes to Home on Jammer. This will cause the missile to turn towards the jamming system and impact it.




How thick does wood have to be to activate the crush plate? What happens if the missile doesn't go off?

1 inch is 95% chance of detonation; 1/8 inch is 5% chance;

missile deactivates after 150 seconds following post launch arming


T/F: DMS P+ and R missiles will pull lead on moving laser spots

True, the missile proceeds to a calculated intercept point when it senses a moving laser sport


Hight of burst sensor functions at what distance and uses what radar?

1.3 +/- 1 m FMCW


What does a low impact angle do to the frag radius?

It wastes the half of the frag behind the impact point by shooting it into the ground, since the scored sleeve is housed around the cylindrical missile body


On R variant missiles, how is fusing set?

Special PRF code


What penetration can be expected for fastest and slowest missile speeds per second of delay?

16 inches and 8 inches


Rules of thumb for delay settings:

Armor - instantaneous

Vehicles - 3.5 ms

Multi-room/story buildings - 20 ms (10 ms thin)

Adobe - 20-30 ms

Personnel/light - HOB allows 1.3m airburst


Clear obstacles by at least 3m for what setting?



On power on what fuzing does the missile default to?



How many seconds of control movement does the accumulator provide?

55 to 70 sec (less at low temps)


How can you differentiate between a hang fire and a misfire?

Thermal battery gets really hot and if visible in IR will indicate fire command was received by missile and to take extra care (full deletion of battery drives mandate to keep A/C airborne for an hour if able)


What is the rule of thumb for best hellfire shot?

Within 40 degrees of on boresight to minimize maneuvering, ensure approach axis, and lessen sonic boom warning; within 6km but varies based on altitude


What increases sonic boom delay the most?

Off boresight, and farther away (in that order)


Sonic boom

More of an issue on high off boresight shot (HOBS); 8 km off boresight = 15 seconds; 5 km on boresight = 1.36 seconds


T/F: off boresight by 15 degrees is better to prevent sonic boom-impact delay

True, allows closer shot and also avoids nadir risk


What is success rate of buddy laze vs self-lase?

70 vs 95 percent


For a buddy lase ripple, what will the missiles be set to?

Two different PRF codes, one for each designator from each aircraft


When does the HF seeker start scanning?

Within 20 degrees of target area (determined from SLR, dep angle, azimuth)


What does the seeker do if it loses the target?

Scans +/- 4 degrees from last known position


What are the missile temperature restrictions?

-40 C to +63 C (allow 5x of cold temp time at warmer temp before employing)


How long must AEA remain off after powering down before restart? (AGM-114 Electronics assembly)

70 seconds


How long should you wait before powering up the missile again?

Allow the missile gyros to spin down for at least 30 seconds


Hellfire missiles CANNOT be employed on aircraft that has wet wing (glycol anti ice system)



What should you do if no impact is detected at splash time?

continue lasing for 15 seconds

cease laser

zoom out

go to IR

perform a rolling box search

(all of the above)


After how long is a missile considered a misfire?

If it doesnt ignite within 1 minute


What kind of navigation does the guidance section uses?

It uses proportional navigation to steer the missile (missile will only make a partial correction to the target




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