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On-the-fly skin selection only works externally

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I know the title sounds obvious, but please go with me on this:


Certain aspects of skins do not update when viewed from the inside of the cockpit. To duplicate, I used the SA342M, which has a visible pilot and number decals on the glass that can be seen from the cockpit. This also occurs with the UH-1H, both with flightsuits and patches. Tested in 1.5.7.


To duplicate, begin with a French SA342M. You will see a copilot with the standard camouflage pattern, and a backward number on the lower portion of the glass of the cockpit doors (since the numbers are forward when looking at them externally). Go to the F8 menu, select re-arm/reload, and select another skin like my HMLA-169 skins which put decals on the aircraft metal and change the pilot's outfit. Everything will look fine from the F2 view, but inside you will still see the copilot in the French camo, and you will still see the side number on the glass from the inside.

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External Model Pilot and Cockpit Model Pilots are Different, it's the same for the Cockpit Glass Bort Numbers..


To Change those, you'll have to add lines to the description.lua to replace the internal crew textures and bort numbers as well as the external ones.

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