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Controller Re-Init

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I'm still having regular problems with game freezes when DCS appears to re-initialise the input controllers during gameplay.


The logs show a re-init of all the input controllers but don't seem to show a reason why.


This also causes havoc when trying to configure the controls as it re-loads the config, undoing the changes I've made since the last save.


This re-init problem seems to happen randomly, sometimes when I press a button, sometimes when there is a high GPU demand such as explosions, sometimes when cruising with no obvious causes. It usually happens 3-4 times per flight.


Is anyone else having these same problems?


Is there a way to see if this re-init is occurring in Win 10 or if it's a DCS problem?




- Horsey

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I also get re-initialisation of every USB input several times a sortie on multi-player, but it appears to occur less frequently on single-player. For some longer sorties, this can occur up to a hundred times during the sortie, often occurring in batches of 8 re-initialisations.


I have had this for many months, and have seen many others complaining of the same problem. I have now given up complaining.


I have over a dozen various USB input controllers (Joystick, Throttle, F-16 MFDs, keyboard, mouse, and half a dozen Leo Bodnar and Brydling controllers). Unfortunately, I cannot fully utilise them, because every time they re-initialise, they reset any selected inputs from On to Off.

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Unfortunately just spent the last hour attempting to map my controls.


Sometimes after a few seconds, sometimes after a few minutes, the re-init occurs and any changes I've made in the config screen are reverted to the previous setting, dumping any changes I've made.


This occurs in both 1.5 'stable' and 2.1 alpha.


edit: Okay, I seem to have found a combination of USB ports which hasn't caused a re-init for a while now.


I'm not using any external hubs, just the onboard mobo ports. Regardless, it would be nice if DCS didn't throw a re-init every time a USB device had a power flutter.


I'll update after some more testing.


- Horsey

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  • ED Team

please attach your logs, guide in my signature, we may find some clues


also try a cleanup and repair


and let us know what your system spec is




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