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Various night time issues with lighting


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I know ED is still working on lighting but wanted to let you all know of the various issues we ran into.


With NVGs the HUD is unreadable in night mode:



In day mode the HUD is fine (maybe because it is also green?) and the laser from the drone is black:



The flood light (emergency and normal) is not illuminating the cockpit at all.


HUD tinting probably still needs some work, especially at night, it's hard to see your taxi light and lights on the runway/taxiway. Also the HUD intensity (unless turned to minimum intensity) sorta bleeds into itself making it difficult to read even during the day.

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Note that this is several different bugs:


1. HUD is unreadable with NVGs in night mode, even at the lowest intensity setting that doesn't turn it off. Day mode is fine.


2. IR Laser from AFAC (Predator drone) is black for some reason in NVGs.


3. A10 cockpit flood lights are very dim.


4. HUD tinting makes the taxi and landing lights ineffective for seeing where you're going.


5. (without NVGs) HUD text tends to blur into itself, and is unreadable except at very low intensity settings. Also, there's a significant step between the second lowest brightness setting and the lowest (off) setting.


Here's an additional item we saw:


6. Airport runway lights are invisible from the side.


It also seemed to us that the runway and taxi lights didn't come on until well after they would have been useful. I don't know what the rules governing those are IRL, but it would be nice if they came on earlier.

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Try turning Deferred shading off. In VR with it turned on I have no flood lights and have to set the gamma to 1.5 for a readable hud. But hud is awful in the mirage.

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