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MiG-21 activation help


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Hi everyone! :v:


I've been away from the world of DCS for quite a while, I haven't had much of a chance to play recently and I tried to take the MiG-21 for a spin and it required reactivation. So naturally, I typed the code in and attempted the reactivation to no avail. I've been seeing all the starforce patch threads on the Magnitude 3, MiG-21 section but the latest patch they have was April or march 2017. It's late July now, is there any way to reclaim my access to the MiG-21? Is their a starforce patch underway for August? Any help is appreciated.


PS: In addition, I won't be able to try any methods of repair until later this week as I gutted and cleaned my PC in preparation for some new goodies. It is currently unusable at the moment. I'm just trying to gather a general consensus on how I should approach this problem.

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PLEASE MAKE UH-60L and AH-64D!!! :pilotfly:

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