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are solar eclipses modeled?


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I was curious if solar eclipses were modeled in DCS World so I found some information on a total solar eclipse that occurred in the Caucasus region back in 1954.






Min-Vody is about 20km North of Pyatigorsk according to Google Earth.


I created a simple mission in 1.5.7 and set the date and time to 30 June 1954, 16:30 and set an airstart over Min-Vody at 7500m and flew around for a bit. I didn't see any evidence of a solar eclipse or dark shadow passing along the ground. I played with the mission start time, adding and subtracting an hour with similar results.


Any ideas if I'm doing something wrong, or are solar eclipses simply not modeled in DCS?

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DCS World correctly calculates Moon Ephemeris based on date/time, and you can open the mission editor and set a particular date, and time, and observe the Moon but...


.) The Moon is depicted in the sky just when it is at quarter or greater illuminated area;

.) The angular diameter of the Moon represented in DCS is quite inferior to that of the Sun, contrarily to RW;


So, I believe it will not be possible to observe an eclipse since:


1) The Moon should be near the New Phase, and hence not represented in the Sky;

2) Even if it was represented, it's angular diameter being smaller than that of the Sun would not allow for the Sun to be obscured;

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