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We need some working of Antialiasing!


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Yep I think the best for that is increased resolution in the VR interface. maybe 3K per eye however I don't what that would mean for graphics power. :D


TBH I have


MSAA @ 2


AF @ 4


Texture @ High


Terrain textures Low (Thanks to VampireNZ's recommendation) :thumbup:


Water High


PD @ 1.1


There is a bit of moire (beat pattern) on edges but over all Normandy is reasonably detailed, I should point out I fly mainly rotary wing and usually close to the ground so YMMV. :thumbup:

Control is an illusion which usually shatters at the least expected moment.

Gazelle Mini-gun version is endorphins with rotors. See above.


Currently rolling with a Asus Z390 Prime, 9600K, 32GB RAM, SSD, 2080Ti and Windows 10Pro, Rift CV1. bu0836x and Scratch Built Pedals, Collective and Cyclic.

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