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Suddently cumnulative axis

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I have a new problem, maybe someone has already heared of it or knows a fix?

I use both 1.57 and 2.1, several moduls, always with my Thrustmaster Warthog and TARGET profiles. Everything works as expected but the A10c module on 2.1:

Here my axis work as cummulative instread of absolute. When i deflect my stick or rudders or throttle, instead of plancing the in game axis on this point i alter the rate at which the axisi chanes.

This really strange behaviour only occour on this special module, it persists of i stop using TARGET. It stops if i use another module.

I habe been playing since flanker 2.5 with Thrustmaster sticks and have never something similar.

Has anyone ever encointered something like this?

Thanks in advance,




P.s. I have already deleted my .diff file, it did not remedy the problem.

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  • ED Team

have you checked the fine tune of the axis in DCS to see if it has been set as a slider?


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