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Anyone tried Opentrack's Smartphone tracking (Freepie)?


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Been playing with it the past few days, everything seems to be working fine except the yaw axis will slowly drift back to center regardless of my phone's Attitude, being messing with filters but haven't found a solution yet. Hoping someone here has experience with Opentrack.


Also is there a forum out there For Opentrack? I could only find their GitHub which only seems to have their downloads. Would be nice to get help from people there if they exist.

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My Specs: Lenovo Y50 with GTX 860m (2GB), i7 4700HQ 2.4GHz, 8GB Ram. Corsair K70(MX Blues are awesome!), Benq GW2760HS monitor, Steelseries V3 Prism headset, TM Warthog Hotas, Sidewinder FFB2 W/ FLCS grip, CH Pro pedals, TrackIR5, KW-908 Jetseat

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