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Oculus introduces stereo shading reprojection for UNITY


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In our Unity sample, this idea has proven to work very well for pixel shader heavy scenarios, saving ~20+% GPU cost per frame for our test scene.


Doesn't this sound more like the Nvidia demoed calculation trick where some shaders/pixels were left out from being processed when they weren't in the view?


The idea was suggested for ED by some community members, but as it was a proprietary for Nvidia, it would have left AMD users out.


But this sounds more like a "neutral" one (yeah, still from Oculus, possibly leaving Vive users out) as it isn't hardware locked.


Or then it is just a optimization for Unity engine.


But it is interesting to see how much improvements for rendering there could be achieved without a new hardware. And I think that is important that we are not in the hardware race where new hardware is required to be bought every 2-3 years, but we could get 4-5 year old hardware to perform at least in above minimum performance levels.

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These solutions sound appealing but the real trick for us, DCS users, is when ED will update its engine to adopt these technologies. Some of them could already vastly improve the performances of the game but are far from being adopted.


Wag' stated a few weeks back during an interview that they don't have a lot of manpower available. I assume then, that they can not handle several major overhauls of their product at the same time. This situation leads us to a whole different topic : ressource management and projects priority. At this very moment, I don't understand how a company with so few people can afford to engage in so many different projects : developing a new module, developing a new map, developing new assets for a new era while new/updated assets for the current era would be more relevant, updating current maps, etc ...


Don't get me wrong, I love what ED has in mind, this is one of the most exciting game out there. But is ED being too ambitious to pretend they can tackle all of this ? Right, in the long term they'll probably pull it off, but in the meantime, we have to bear the consequences of their policy. I really hope that the upcoming 2.5 will be a game changer and that ED will be able after its release to support new technologies.

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It's called using specialists in their fields. They have map specialists, 3d modelling specialists, and systems specialists.


This has been stated by them on several occasions, but clearly the message simply falls on deaf ears, or people don't bother to research their subjects properly.


How ED choose to conduct themselves isn't subject to armchair analysts giving sage advice - advice that is generally given in complete ignorance of the realities of their resources and how they use them.


Considering how short a space of time VR has been in the public arena, you can hardly blame ED for not being on the ball. Like EDs own software, VR is currently a moving target, and chasing rainbows probably isn't going to prove productive until the industry settles down to a set of standards that can be confirmed as the way forwards.


Much as we'd all like to have cake today, the reality means we will have to curb our enthusiasm a little, and leave the developers to assess and decide in their own way, and time what to pursue, and what to simply monitor.

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This is of no use (right now) until they can uncouple or change the CPU processing thread from the graphics processing which is bottlenecked inside EACH processed frame. The graphics aren't the issue, the engine is. Or to be more precise, the load on the engine is tied to the frames and this hurts rendering immensely. Simply put, experience multiplayer scripted servers or experience single player with no objects. Night and day for frames.


After all the CPU multi threading conversations over the years, and a consistent "the improvements would be minimal" story, ED actually said this is on their radar to do, very recently. But that wasn't quite the same argument.


If that time comes, you could consider optimising graphics, right now they have one old engine not using it much and a new engine that needs optimised and are stuck between a rock and a hard place. And plenty of players wondering how we could ever scale the simulation up to a reasonable amount without destroying performance.



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