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Sptifire Mk. IX_RAF_Desert Scheme_Malta


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First of all, a big thank you to VH-Rock for sharing his .psd file for the roundels!:thumbup:



You will find below: Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX_EN199_Mary Rose



Brief history of this aircraft


Spitfire Mk.IX, EN199, on display at the Malta Aviation Museum, was first flown at Eastleigh on 28 November 1942 and taken on charge by 12 Maintenance Unit on 1 December, moving to 82 MU on the same day. Eight days later it moved to 47 MU followed by a move to Glasgow two days later. Here it was loaded on MV Marsa and shipped together with others to Gibraltar where it arrived by 13 January 1943 and later reassembled.


The aircraft was flown to the North Africa front on 29 January 1943. Here it was flown by Wing Commander R. Berry D.F.C., whose initials are now the codes worn on the fuselage and Squadron Leader C. F. Gray, Commanding Officer No.81 Squadron. EN199 took part in the Allied OPERATION TORCH landings and the subsequent Tunisian campaign and fought until the Axis surrender on the Cape Bone peninsula.


Following damage, EN199 was issued to No.154 Squadron which had moved from North Africa to Malta from where it took part in OPERATION HUSKY, the invasion of Sicily. The aircraft moved to the Italian mainland taking part in further operations, probably joining No.1435 Squadron when the Mark Vs were replaced by IXs. It was photographed at Brindisi in the Spring of 1944 and again later with No.225 Squadron.


From 11 October 1945 up to 3 January 1946 the aircraft was recorded as taking part in meteorological flights with air sea rescue & communications flight, Hal Far. It then moved to Luqa with no.73 squadron. Whilst at Luqa it was blown into a quarry during a gale. EN199 was struck off charge and later presented to the Boy Scout movement based at Floriana. A few years later the aircraft was transported from the scouts' island headquarters by civil defence staff to their headquarters and school at Gharghur. From Gharghur it was taken to the new rescue training wing at Targa gap in April 1956 where it languished in a disrespectful state. It was not until 1990's that restoration work started on what remained of the aircraft.


Source : https://www.maltaaviationmuseum.com/supermarine-spitfire-mk-ix


Download: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2830178/

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Nice skin, thats a good story behind that Spit.



DL available skins here:




Pictures of my Skins here: https://imgur.com/a/bOQyQqW



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