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In version 1.5.7 included the USSR as a faction, I find it great, since the time I like most military aviation is between 1970 and early 80s, we already have several aircraft of that time as the f5, mig 21, viggen, uh-1h mi8 the future f4 and f14, we only need a suitable map, there is so much inspiration at that time to do missions and campaigns, the Caucasus map is adequate, this was already explored in the dynamic campaign "guardians Of the caucasus "but lack a base in Turkia to make it even better, but it would be sensational some map in Europe that included the baltic and land units of the time like m-60s t-62, btr-70 etc ... I hope to see something So before he died.

Well, that appearing USSR as a faction is already a step :)

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