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new project.. the third.. cockpit / cabin Mig 21


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Hey were you not the guy who built that awesome KA50 pit? I recognize the avatar but not the name


Hello friend, yes, I am ;-) .. a boy of almost 50 years :-) This hobby is too good to not continue to build ... the problem is that I do not have more space at home ... hahahahhaaaa


very nice, thanks for sharing


Hello friend, thanks to you for writing and for viewing the job;)


Kamov Ka50 photo link: https://344kamov.blogspot.it/p/blog-page_16.html


Diamond DA40T52 photo link : https://344kamov.blogspot.it/p/news-2017.html


Work in progress photo link : https://344kamov.blogspot.it/p/work-in-progress.html

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Perfect work...Those metal cockpits are another level of cockpit building:thumbup:

Thanks friend

, I saw your work ... outstanding, a masterpiece! I work the iron, I have no other possibilities. You got a joke, made of metal, it's all other ... more effort, but better result!

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Simply beautiful craftsmanship. Well done sir. If you ever get tired or wanna get rid of a piece I would gladly give them a home!


Beautiful work Sir. A real inspiration there. Keep those pictures comming.





Really, you are an artist.


Excellent work, looks stunning!


Wow... I am speechless.... that Sir is a different level of accuracy and detail. As written 2 posts above; you are an artist. Keep 'em coming... :thumbup:


A sincere "thank you very much" to those who have commented is complimented!



With great pride I present the last work in progress, the KM1 replica. This project is the result of 2 weeks of hard work (full time) is the close collaboration of my friend Darko, ing. Electronic Aeronautical Specialist Thank you for all the intellectual part of the project. Everything made in iron is with many features of the true KM1. As I always thank everyone, especially those who write two lines, a sign that appreciate the shared. Sorry for google translator ....







A sincere thanks to my friend ing.Darko and ing.Dinko, thank you to all of you who wrote a comment! Regards, Cpt. Adrian Kamov.

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Great work! Wish I had a MiG-21 cockpit.


Seriously Adrian? How can you get bored with your Ka50 pit to build a Mig 21 one now?

And you are being seduced by the dark side I can see (fixed wing). ;)

Beautiful job as usual my friend.


My dear friend CrC, the Ka50 is always in my heart, but I love this hobby too much for not even building the cabin of the magnificent Mig 21.


Thanks so much Streakeangle !!!!



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