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Skybox mirrors?


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Hey guys, just wondering if its possible to get lower res mirrors or skybox mirrors like I've seen in a few youtube videos, such as this one

I've noticed my FPS takes a huge hit with mirrors active (almost 1/2 my FPS in some cases :/ ) and the black bar is kinda annoying.


Thanks! :thumbup:

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In 1.5 the frame-rate drops in half yes with mirrors enabled. In 2.0+ the performance hit is hardly noticeable.


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Yeah exactly, but in the video i posted shows that the mirror is in very low res/skybox mode, but I don't know how you do that?


The only modes i seem to be able to have it high fidelity or a black screen (in some cases this reverts to a static image which is strange). The skybox version looks like it would be less jaring and have a small impact on frames.

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This video was made directly after early access release when the real mirror was not integrated yet. So the skybox was a placeholder. I don't think there is a way to get it back in the current model.




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editable in the mainpanel_init.lua here: Mods\aircraft\M-2000C\Cockpit

last section is for the mirrors, (i haven't been able to make the whole mirror a blur, only been messing about for 30 minutes it's in there somewhere though)

however if you change far_clip =60000; to something like 11

that example only 11 meteres behind the mirror will render (that's about 1 meter off the rear of tail / wingtips) the rest of the scenery is blurred / un-rendered


another example




only the top of the helmet is animated in the mirror but the horizon stays horizontal and blurred


or try





thats about as skybox as possible without anything being rendered (slight wingtip vortex sometimes)



Edited by Dingo_Bob


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I just so hope that mirrors would be more useful in VR to see better behind. And for 2D I would like to see a 2048px option so we could get 512/1024/2048 or something little better. And actually as on this thread request, a 256 or 128 options would be nice as well!

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