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hit boxes for clickable cockpit controls when full screen but not native resolution

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The hit boxes for clickable cockpit controls seem to be in wrong position when the display is in full screen mode, but in smaller than native display resolution.


e.g. when the the display native resolution is 2560x1440, but the game resolution is set in menu to 1920x1080 and Alt+Enter to get full screen mode.

Then, the hit boxes for all the clickable cockpit controls are in wrong position, i.e. in the position where the controls would be if the game would be running in windowed 1920x1080 mode not using the whole screen.

This makes it very difficult to operate any clickable cockpit controls with the mouse when in full screen mode with less than native resolution.


Noticed this as I was testing if running a smaller resolution would bring any stability improvements for frequent stutter and freeze in DCS 2.1.1.


Same applies to the main menu when the game is started in Full Screen option ticked but resolution is smaller than the native display resolution. The "hit boxes" for all the menu items are in wrong location. Funny enough, if pressing Alt+Enter for couple of times to cycle through windowed mode and back to full screen mode, the problem with main menu is resolved, but the problem with any clickable cockpit controls still remain.


Tried out only the Spitfire, Mig-21, Gazelle and Bf-109. All these modules exhibit the problem, so I assume this applies to generic game engine and therefore to all clickable aircraft modules.

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I tried to fix it by using the file 1Camera.lua it didn't work. It would be good to do a correction to the full screen when not in use the native resolution.

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