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Strange jaggies on horizon


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I have been away from DCS for a couple of months, and just had a go in my beloved MIG-21. (Just updated DCS to the latest 1.5.7)


I flew the first mission of the stillness in time campaign, from the updated version with more realistic AI (where you position from Krymsk to Kutaisi) and performance is awful.


I haven't changed any of my settings (I'm running a pd of 1.7 through the oculus tray tool) and am getting 25 fps on the ground (where I always got 45 with ASW Auto).


Once at 10,000 m, the horizon (which has a lovely orange glow above the cloud) becomes very strange. It is made up of lots of jaggy steps, as opposed to a straight line (almost like a Comodore 64 game, but worse). At this point my frame rate is 90.


I have tried turning off ASW, but it doesn't help.


Any suggestions?

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